WAlly argo • Jimmy jib owner & operator

Atlantic Jib is an owner operated Jimmy Jib and production service company cheerfully serving Boston and New England since 1986.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and scheduling inquiries.

Thanks - Wally argo

Television/Sports, Advertising, Documentaries, Music Videos, Motion Pictures, Corporate Events, Benefits

The Jimmy Jib camera support system has been an industry standard around the world for decades.

It is singularly the most commonly used Camera Jib because it is safe, reliable, responsive, versatile and affordable.

The Jimmy Jib is generally operated by one person. More complex shots may incorporate a camera assistant, boom arm operator and/or dolly grip.

The jib is made up of 3’ sections and can be built in a variety of lengths from 6’ to 30’ virtually anywhere.

The overall weight of the jib depends on the arm length and camera size. The heaviest possible configuration at 30’ is 900 lbs. Shorter jibs with lighter camera packages will weigh less.

Remote pan, tilt, zoom, focus, Iris and tally controls are incorporated into the Jimmy Jib head. Some camera and lens configurations may require an additional motor for focus or zoom function. A consultation with the operator beforehand is recommended.